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You know I am a lover of all things yoga + pilates so I HAD to highlight Berit, the owner of Sunna. A local, female owned space IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.

Berit Ahlgren was first introduced to Pilates in 1998 through her training in ballet. Years later while dancing professionally, she completed her Pilates certification as a means to have secondary income aside from dance work. Berit quickly took to the role and responsibility of educating individuals on how to strengthen and mobilize their body in mindful and intelligent ways. Her passion for supporting students in this way led her to pursue yoga and barre certifications as well.

Since 2006 she has been teaching across the Twin Cities in various settings, from LifeTime Fitness and Corepower Yoga, to independent, small studios, various performing arts high schools and dance programs.

In early 2023, after assessing how to consolidate her areas of passion, she envisioned a space that could hold many unique modalities of movement training and wellness, each supporting the other and providing students with a network of expert instructors and practices to encourage those seeking a balanced energetic and physical self… A space that could provide both energizing, heart-pumping classes, as well as calming, restorative experiences to reset the nervous system.

Sunna opened April 1, 2024, and aims to be a vibrant destination for one to ignite their inner light within a warm and inviting community. Named after the goddess of the sun in old Norse mythology, the name holds meaning for Berit as someone close to her heritage and as a lover of sunshine and its healing radiance.

Take it from me, you NEED to experience the beauty of her space and immerse yourself in one of her beautiful classes. Check it out here.

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