Let me introduce you to... Miss October

I know it's early, but I was so excited to feature my first gal of the month! Sophia is a junior in HS and truly has the coolest street style. Her sneaker collection alone has me drooling. To top that, I officially have hair goals. Do I see a bit of myself in her at that age? Hell ya. I am so thrilled to have had her work her style magic for the latest drop. Check out her looks + learn a little more about her style below.


















I’d define my personal style as streetwear with my own twist. I tend to base my outfit on a pair of sneakers, typically Jordan’s, and try and tie in some “streetwear” type of clothing. Either an oversized graphic t, baggier jeans, or joggers with a cropped top, and paired with some statement sneakers, and a lot of jewelry is my go to. Arlo fits perfectly into my personal style because it has a great mix of clothing. I find myself typically going for the vintage t shirts, joggers, and love the accessories. Also, these days everyone of my age group is wearing the same things from the same stores, so Arlo proves a unique aspect to my outfits. - Sophia

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