ME(gan) Fitness

Megan Cooper is the owner and founder of Studio ME Fitness located in Northeast Minneapolis. We recently became friends because of proximity + also mutual friends (hi Em and Chad).
Megan has her Bachelor's degree in Biology - Allied Health with numerous fitness certifications with a passion for helping others find their full potential. Studio ME is built on the foundation that everyone deserves to live an active and healthy life. Our mission Is to help clients break through their limiting beliefs and stop self sabotaging so they finally put their health and fitness first, gain more confidence in and out of the gym, and fall back in love with themselves.
Megan believes everything in life has a place and self care must be a priority. Fitness became her outlet back in 2008 when her sister was diagnosed with stage IV Colorectal Cancer. In order for her to be able to show up for her family in the way they needed her, she needed to take care of herself. That's when she realized the power of fitness and having a fitness family. That one hour she could spend not thinking about her sister and the possible outcome, was an hour that let her relax, relieve stress, and just be her. That's when Studio ME was born.
Last September, they gym relocated (yup during a pandemic after a year of operating under forced closures and restricted capacity) to an amazing new space, revamped our programs, and are growing.
When she's not coaching, working with clients, or working on the business, you’ll likely find her  relaxing with her husband and two fur babies, or at the cabin
doing absolutely nothing.
" Finding Arlo has been amazing for me! Ally is absolutely amazing and when I first saw she was moving into my neighborhood I was so excited! I spend most of my days, ok all,  in workout clothes and my out of the studio wardrobe is a little outdated.  I hate owning things that everyone has so being able to walk into Arlo and see unique things and only a few of each piece gets me so excited. I am petite, 5'1" with a muscular build so finding clothes that don't swallow me whole can be a bit tough but I can always find something that fits my personality, looks great on me, and helps me be confident out of my gym clothes. In a way, Arlo does for me what I do for my clients....helping them find their best and most confident self." 
Want to learn more about Studio ME? Maybe even take a big step in focusing on yourself + your own wellbeing?!  ---->  Check 'em out!

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