Mother Daughters are the best combo.

Do I consider myself lucky? That's a hell ya. Not only do I get to work beside my own mom; Arlo has another amazing dynamic mother daughter duo on the team!

What better way to celebrate this month then with Abi + Julie. When Abi isn't being an all around rockstar at Arlo, you will catch her on the soccer field for the University of Minnesota. 

"Arlo has become a second home for me. I’ve worked at Arlo for just over a year and have had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many beautiful people. From the atmosphere Ally creates to the timeless pieces she fills the store with, Arlo has something for everyone and continually brings people together. It’s a rare occasion I leave the house without a piece of Arlo on me. From the latest fashion to the unique vintage, Arlo makes me feel confident each time I put a piece on.


When I couldn't have Abi at the store 24/7 I decided the next best thing would be her mom, obviously. Boy was I right. This light brings so much joy, compassion + energy to our store and we are so fortunate to have her. If you are lucky you will catch them working together. You are bound to have a real good time.

"My mom is basically a two for one. Besides being my twin, she’s the best mama ever as well as my very best friend. She’s the one I go to for dance parties, life advice, and where to get the best chocolate delectable delight - we share the sweet tooth gene :). She is completely badass and also the sweetest, most genuine woman you will find. Celebrating her is the easiest thing to do. " - Abi

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