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"Being asked to be featured for anything for Mother’s Day after losing your child is a complicated mix of emotions."
I was chosen to be Aeva’s mom for 15 years before she took her own life on June 17th of 2020.  Her due date was actually Mother’s Day the the year she was born.  
One thing I’ve recognized in losing her, is that I am still here, and while my journey moving forward is something only a mother who has lost a child knows- there is one truth that is undeniable.  I am Aeva’s mom.  I will always be Aeva’s mom.
While I feel reluctant to share my story, knowing I’m sharing pain, what I urge you to understand is that it hurts so much because the love was so profound.  That LOVE will still always live on in me.  Whatever your story is as a mother, I hope you know and understand that:  yes, there will be pain- but that pain is all of that Big Big love.  And that love will always be loud.  
Your story matters.
The remarkable Tiffany is not just a mother, she is the owner and stylist at Meraki Hair Lounge in Minneapolis. A truly unique place designed to create a safe space for the community to grow in wellness. Check them out here.
As we write this post with blurry eyes it reassures us that we are not alone, you are not alone. Struggling with mental health is nothing to shy away from. The more we talk, the more we share, the more we can all feel united.
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God bless you for sharing !
May your story bless someone’s life today

ANNA BARNARD June 01, 2021

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