Take a Walk on the Spiritual Side- Greta

Great has been floating in and out of my life for how many years now?! 5? 7? She truly is an amazing energy + I am so lucky to call her a friend. Now I get to share her with all of Arlo! I would love to explain what she does but she says it more magically than I can....

Hi! I'm Greta Ertl, a spiritual mentor focusing on kundalini yoga & meditation, human design and mindset coaching. My work is all about helping you find more peace, joy and purpose by connecting with your soul through a daily self-care practice. I love working with people 1:1 in my coaching program as well as giving human design readings. In February I'm offering a local self-care staycation retreat with yoga, gong baths, reiki + restorative yoga community acupuncture and a bathing ritual experience at Watershed Spa. I also teach regular kundalini yoga and barre classes at The FIRM.

I love Arlo because it's always an upbeat shopping experience. The variety of clothes are perfect for my casual lifestyle but also transition perfectly for a date night or dinner with friends. People always compliment me when I'm wearing pieces from Arlo. I'm so grateful to be collaborating with this awesome women owned business!
Stay tuned for another special collab experience we're doing at the end of January! 
To book a free consult call, human design readings or sign up for the retreat, you can use this link: https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=26016647&notembedded=1

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