Flourishing Friendship- Katie

Abloom is a floral design studio based in Minneapolis, MN specializing in weddings, events and editorials. Abloom is always inspired by nature and designs in a loose natural style just as you would find flowers and greenery growing outside. They create one of a kind events that reflect each unique couple, or company. We found it fitting that Abloom designed our European Christmas inspired window displays!

As a florist I wear casual clothes that are comfortable to move in, to more professional clothes that I wear to client meetings and Arlo has both options for my lifestyle. Arlo opened my eyes that I don’t have to wear only sweats when working with flowers there are so many more comfortable options that are stylish. Arlo also showed me how you can take a more casual outfit and dress it up with jewelry, jackets, or shoes so I can dress up on the run to a meeting. Ally at Arlo is a wizard at pulling clothes that fit your body type and make you feel confident in. I can’t wait to keep updating my wardrobe with Arlo!   

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