Gal of the month... Sarah



Sarah has been part of Arlo's journey since day 1. You could even go as far as saying she was there when we were inspired to officially make our dream a reality. Since that dates back to January of last year, it only seems fitting she is our gal of the month. Enough background let's hear from her.....

Before this year my wardrobe largely consisted of blazers, shirts that required dry cleaning and high heels for my frequent work trips. Arlo has now allowed me to really define my personal style; to put the work clothes I never really loved to the back of my closet.

I love oversized vintage graphic tees, cozy cardigans (while listening to Taylor Swift obvi), sneakers + all athleisure items. Add any and all the accessories to that and you have my style! I have enjoyed adding Arlo pieces to my wardrobe that make me feel good. If (and hopefully when) work trips start up again, I look forward to styling Arlo for a business meeting, dinner out + a yoga class in a new city!

– Sarah 

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