Katy, February's Gal of the Month

Katy is a true gem of a human. She has that magnetic personality that you are instantly drawn to. Good news for you, she is an incredible yoga instructor who share's her passion, strength + love with others on a daily basis. On top of that she is the General Manager of YogaSix, I mean talk about one bada$$ mama.

What's her style?
I would say that ease of movement and simplicity are the driving forces in my clothing selection.  I like solid staple items that can be utilized in a number of different ways- whether it is toss on after teaching a class, Olympic lifting or looking cute for a date night.  I love the simplicity of Arlo’s pieces and how they add flavor and personality to my mostly black wardrobe. 

Want to check out YogaSix or take one of Katy's classes?

Their latest schedule can be found here!



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