Spicy Meets Sweet- Danielle


Do you ever believe people are put into your life for a reason? This is the exact belief for my friend Danielle. 

Danielle is the beautiful owner of Purposeful Pilates; a studio formerly located a few doors down from Arlo Showroom. Both of us trying to navigate the world of owning a small business during covid; a fast friendship quickly blossomed.

Business ideas bounced back and forth between us like ping pong balls for months.

It has been truly remarkable to watch her little ideas blossom into a pilates studio of her own. Purposeful Pilates is now open in the historical Itastca Building in the North Loop It only seems fitting that she is featured as our Gal of the Month!

Let's get to know a bit more about Danielle and why you need to pay her a visit!

Her journey through a decade of chronic pain led her to pilates. Danielle conquered her chronic pain in less than a year thanks to pilates. She was so blown away by the life-changing experience she had with pilates that she decided to leave her 15-year career in Corporate Communications to become an instructor. Seven years later, Danielle says it's the best decision she ever made and she's still on a mission to help others discover the benefits of pilates. 

Danielle + Arlo:

I spend my days in workout clothes because of my job. I love that Arlo gives me plenty of great options for leggings and tops that are fun, fashionable and functional for teaching pilates. I prefer to spice things up after work and I like Arlo's sassy tops and bodysuits that I can wear salsa dancing. I also appreciate the fact that Ally continually pushes me out of my comfort zone so that I don't get stuck in a bygone fashion era. I turn 45 next month and it's important to me to stay on trend. Arlo has all the right looks to make sure I can still push the fashion envelope no matter what my age! 
Visit her website at purposefulpilatesmn.com for more info on her services or check out her Insta @purposefulpilatesmn or FB page

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