What a BABE- Erin


This beauty deserves more than one month at Arlo. Not only is she the eye behind the camera for all of our beautiful shots, she is also the best set of ears. 

This brilliant business mind and artist is one of our favorite people to discuss everything with. She has been beside us every step as we move forward with our new boutique! Looking for a wedding photographer? She's the best. I steal her for fashion shoots but her real passion lies in the wedding field. Check out her site here. Ok, now we will stop rambling about our obsession with her. Let's hear from her.

My wardrobe before Arlo consisted of mostly- jeans, sweaters, cardigans, and simple tees. I never really explored anything outside of my comfort zone. When I started shooting for Arlo, I began to see all the different possibilities on how to style an outfit. It inspired me to relook at my closet, put pieces together I never thought about, and with the help of Ally- I go home with new staple pieces that spice up my look and make me feel good. I always look forward to the next drop to see what piece will be coming home with me!

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