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Swimwear has always been an obsession of ours (I know, add it to this list). Finding quality pieces that check all of our must-have boxes is hard to do. Call it fate, but this beauty of a line, 76Skyvue literally walked through out doors and we have been oogling over it ever since. The vivacious + lovable Lauria is the gem behind this brand, let's get to know her....

Lauria Pascuzzi is a swimwear designer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before launching her sustainable swimwear brand she worked on Calia by Carrie Underwood and assisted in launching their extended sizing bathing suits. During this process she fell in love with swimwear and how with one design you can take the dreaded swimwear season and make it something to look forward to. She sat in on many focus groups and listened to the gripes that women had with their swimwear and really focused on that feedback when developing 76Skyvue. Number one complaint? Loose pads that get folded or moved around during wear or activity. Second complaint: seams and elastic digging into the skin. What does 76Skyvue do to fix these issues? For starters all but one of the swim tops do not have cups. This creates a smoother looking appearance at the bust. All of the swimwear is seamless, so no more digging into the skin which makes the wearer feel more confident and comfortable. 

From the beginning of 76Skyvue, Creative Director/Designer Lauria Pascuzzi wanted sustainability to be at the forefront of the brand. She worked on sourcing the most ethical manufacturers that could produce sustainably such as, plastic free packaging, utilizing biodegradable materials, and being able to source the best recycled fabric without pushing the cost onto the consumer. Being sustainable means taking into account the environmental effects and socio-economic aspects of business. Those aspects in fashion are sourcing fabric, eco-friendly packaging/branding, and ethical manufacturing. The common goal for all sustainable companies is to create a functioning business that respects our Earth and communities. 76Skyvue prides itself on the effort to be sustainable in a fast and competitive fashion world that is always growing. Our garments are ethically produced and made from a fabric called ECONYL®. This fabric turns waste problems into fashion solutions. Every swimsuit is made from recovered nylon wastes like fishing nets from the oceans, fabric scraps from mills, and carpets destined for landfills. Because of its innovative construction, it's twice as resistant to chlorine, sunscreens, and oils than competitors’ fabrics. By using ECONYL® nylon, we're able to make amazing quality swimwear and take care of our planet too! From working with an eco conscious and ethical manufacturer to reducing our carbon/plastic foot print with our packaging and fabric choices, 76Skyvue is here to prove that fashion can be conscious.

If you would like to read more about the 76Skyvue sustainability promise visit them at www.76skyvue.com or on instagram @76skyvue

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