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Leah and I met by pure chance only a few short months ago. As I moved Arlo down from our little showroom upstairs; Leah herself took a giant leap and opened her own business in the same building. I was immediately drawn to this beautiful human who not only was a new business owner but also a single mom. Her wit and genuine zest for life had me seeking her massage services to find balance in my own body. Leah may have lost her eye sight, but her understanding of the human body is mind blowing. 

But let's be honest she does more than just massage let her explain it better!

I founded Visionairium Healing in July of 2021 in response to a great need arising in the collective for support in Healing and adjusting our lives to a new normal. I am a nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Massage Therapist and soon to be Reiki Master.

As a fellow human who has overcome many barriers in life including; a progressive genetic eye disease resulting in blindness, childhood trauma and struggles with mental and emotional well-being, I developed a passion for supporting people through overcoming and healing from all of the many challenges we face along the way on this journey of being human.

It is my belief that we are not wired to live in isolation or do all the things on our own and it seems the way of our culture has pressed us to do just that, especially women.  “Do it all and keep smiling no matter what”.  It is my dream to re-ignite the village mentality and guide people through the process of connecting with their passion, prioritizing their well-being and finding the communities that support their mission in life.  Whether you come in for Health Coaching,  Massage Therapy or Energy Healing you will be met with absolute love and unconditional positive regard for who you are and how you want to show  up in this world. 

 The first time I stepped foot into Arlo I immediately felt the magic and beauty that Ally has created.  It’s not just a shop with awesome fashion, it’s a place that simply being there feels so yummy.  I can feel Ally's passion for what she does and zest for life in every exchange.  Before Arlo I had complex fashion confusion and typically just stuck to comfortable basics out of fear of mismatching or looking ridiculous.  With my growing wardrobe from Arlo I feel like I have unlocked my inner Goddess and feel amazing in every outfit.  The clothes are both comfortable and powerful.  For the first time I feel like I am making a statement with what I wear and I walk with a little more confidence and sass!  I couldn’t be more thrilled about the support on my journey into dressing the way my inner Goddess loves.

If you are looking to find more information about Leah or her services, check out here website here! 

If you need a real life testimonial to her healing hands just as ME!

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