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 I find it extra special when a good friend introduces you to another good friend. A modern day set up if you will. When I was introduced to Sarah years ago, I knew we would hit it off as friends! Her lifestyle was similar; married to a hockey player with young girls traveling all around the world. A fellow Minnesota gal who LOVES the thrill of the hunt... the hunt for amazing vintage gems.

Meet Sarah our latest Gal of the Month + Founder of FLOH Market Vintage.

I grew up combing flea markets and antiquing on summer weekends with my family; spending my allowance on old Nancy Drew books & vintage jewelry. When my husband and I moved to Germany 13 years ago, I started spending my Sundays at the flohmarkt (the German word for “flea market”), and couldn’t believe the quality and character of European goods. If something wasn’t my size or personal style, it pained me to pass up the perfect jean jacket or leather bag that was perfectly worn-in and had so much life left. FLOH MARKET was born out of a need to fuel my own passions while being a busy mom and supporting my husband’s career abroad.

From day one, I appreciated Ally’s eye for curating a collection that mixes trendier pieces with vintage finds. An ideal, sustainable, capsule wardrobe. She has a way of making style accessible and personal to everyone. Now that I’ve started working full-time in mental health, ARLO has helped me round out my closet with pieces that are professional, with personality. There’s rarely a day I’m not wearing something from the boutique, so it’s an honor to be sharing FLOH MARKET with this community. Each piece has a story, & you’ll find the country of origin written on the tag. The story continues with you. I can’t wait to see the unique mix of FLOH + Arlo.



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