Let's be blunt- Natalie is the sh/+

By chance we met one another over 13 years ago volunteering at a marathon water stand. Both of us would have never dreamt we'd both be local business owners all these years later.

Lucky to call Natalie friend, her smile + laughter are down right contagious.


Let's get to know more about her...

My passion for connection and people is what led me to open my salon, Harlowe. I love having a place where my industry peers can thrive and grow in their own businesses, while I can foster relationships with guests and still be creative behind the chair.

Between meetings, running the salon, and working with clients, my schedule is hectic.  I need options! I love that everything I get at Arlo is so interchangeable. I can rock a vintage tee with my sneakers, or a cute cardigan with ripped jeans, boots and a jacket. I love shopping, but I never get the time to. Seeing Ally’s latest drops on Instagram, or scoring as many pieces as I can at her boutique, takes all the guesswork and extra effort out of it for me. She has it all just so perfectly curated, and that means everything for this girl on the go!








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